Saudi-led Coalition reiterates support to UN envoy to Yemen

Spokesman of the Saudi-led Coalition aiming to restore legitimacy in Yemen Colonel Turki Al-Malki has expressed support to efforts of the UN envoy Martin Griffith to mediate a peaceful solution to the crisis.

His remark was made during a press conference following a meeting with the visiting delegation of the European Union Joint Forces Command in Riyadh Monday.

The visit is meant to exchange ideas and opinions as well as mull the latest developments in Yemen, Al-Malki said.

He argued that the two sides agreed on the political, military and humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

They also stressed that the goal of the military operations is to pressure Houthi militias to sit on the negotiating table.

They emphasized the coalition’s respect of the international and humanitarian laws and commitment to allowing free access of humanitarian assistance to people in need, the spokesman added.

Col Al-Malki shed lights on the Houthi militias abuses and violations against Yemeni people.

He, moreover, cautioned that the ballistic missiles and weapons smuggled to Houthi militias from Iran are threatening not only the security of Yemen and neighboring countries, but also the stabilty of the region and the whole world.

He pointed out that Houthi militias are still planting landmines when they pull out from any area.

The coalition has cleared more than 600,000 mines inside Yemen so far, he said, noting that a USD 40 million-worth campaign was launched for that purpose.

Source: Kuwait News Agency