Social media opens new front on war against terror – Kuwaiti envoy

It is imperative to devise a strategy designed to stifle the growth of “terrorist ideologies” that are often disseminated on social media, said a Kuwaiti official on Wednesday.

The fight against terrorism is not limited to warfare, rather, it includes intellectual acumen to dispel acrimonious and violent thoughts, Kuwaiti deputy assistant foreign minister for development affairs and international cooperation Hassan Zaman told KUNA.

Zaman, who is participating in a meeting of the liaison group of the Global Coalition against the so-called Islamic State (IS), spoke of extremist groups’ uncanny ability to woo supporters, particularly, youngsters who acquiesce to their preachings.

He described social media as a potent tool that these “terrorist factions” have taken up to spread their ideology even further, saying these groups have “tarnished the holy image of the Islamic faith.” On Kuwait’s participation in the meeting, Zaman said his country is among the founding members of the Global Coalition against IS, citing recent initiatives the country has taken, including a conference over reconstruction in war-torn Iraq.

He revealed that the meeting, in which 75 nations are represented, aims to launch an all-out media campaign to crush radical beliefs, which Zaman pointed out was the root cause of widespread violence.

Source: Kuwait News Agency