Spain’s King: no candidate able to form gov’t

MADRID, Spain’s King Philip VI said on Tuesday that no candidate has the ability to form a new government, adding that a new election will be held on November 10.

In a statement issued by the Madrid’s royal palace, the King told Spanish Speaker of Congress Meritxell Batet that outgoing Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has not obtained enough parliamentary support to lead a government for a new term.

This came after a meeting held between the King and Sanchez at the end of political consultations aimed at knowing the possibility of his nomination to form a new cabinet.

On Monday, the King began a political consultation round with 15 leaders of political parties to discuss the nomination of Sanchez for a new time.

As a result, King Philip will issue next Monday a decree dissolving the legislatures and calling for a new election on November 10.

Sanchez failed twice to obtain the parliament’s confidence last June.

Sanchez said on Tuesday that there were not enough guarantees to form a new government, adding that he tried to extend bridges with other political parties, but his efforts have been in vain.

He told a news conference that he couldn’t meet the will of Spanish people to form a new government to face challenges facing the country in the near future.

It was not possible to make a deal with the leftist Unidas Podemos coalition as it called for forming a coalition cabinet which was rejected by the socialists, Sanchez noted.

He called on Spanish people to partake in the general elections slated for November 10 to form a stronger and more stable government.

Sanchez needed 176 votes to form the government, but he failed to obtain other party’s votes. He won 123 votes out of 350 in the election held on April 28.

Source: Kuwait News Agency