Spanish Government condemns riots in Catalonia

MADRID, The Spanish Government in strong rhetoric denounced on Wednesday riots that erupted in the northeastern region of Catalonia on Tuesday against backdrop of prison sentences against a number of separatist leaders.

The outgoing minister of public works, Jose Abalos, said at a news conference at the Socialist Workers’ Party in Madrid, a small group of violent agitators were behind the disturbances in the region.

He emphasized that the government was determined to restore law and order and halt the violence in the northeastern region. The minister called on Catalonian leaders, namely the local president, Quim Torra, to take a firm stand against violence.

Up to 51 protestors were arrested in Tuesday’s riots, in addition to 125 others who were wounded in the protests.

Catalonia is witnessing for the third day in a row large demonstrations protesting the detention of local leaders who advocate independence of the region from the Spanish motherland.

Source: Kuwait News Agency