Spokesman: Invitation to Zarif to visit Brussels stands

BRUSSELS, The invitation by EU High Representative Josep Borrell to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif to visit Brussels to discuss the nuclear deal still stands, his spokesman Peter Stano, told a news conference Thursday.

“The invitation still stands but obviously the first contact in person has been met. They agreed to continue their engagement in the near future, in days and weeks,” he noted.

He said that Borrell for the first time in his capacity as the EU foreign policy chief met Zarif at the sidelines of an international conference in New Delhi earlier today.

In a frank dialogue, they discussed the latest developments around the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the situation in the wider region, he said.

Borrell underlined the continued interest of the European Union to preserve the agreement, which is now more important than ever, in light of the dangerous escalation in the Middle East and the Gulf region, said Stano.

In response to a question on criticism by Tehran that the EU has not kept its commitments to the Iran nuclear deal, the EU spokesman replied that “the EU is as such is the coordinator. We don’t have the competences or the powers or the rights to make clear cut decisions and implement them. We just oversee them and we try to mediate between the parties.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency