Spotlight mow on Brussels on next Brexit move

Analysis by Nawab Khan BRUSSELS, The Brexit crisis is sinking deeper and deeper in the quagmire of an abject European politics where both Brussels and London are playing “ping pong” with each other.

The EU has been saying that the “ball is now in the UK court” to find a solution to the Brexit crisis but as things have developed after Tuesday’s vote in the UK parliament the ball appears to be now in the EU’s court.

The Brexit deal was negotiated between the EU and UK over three years and rejected by the UK parliament three times.

The Brexit bill was supported by the MPs in the UK parliament on Tuesday but minutes after they voted against the timetable of three days to discuss the deal , thus bringing back the uncertainty over Brexit.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johns was compelled to write to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk seeking a three-month extension to Brexit. Tusk is now in consultation with EU leaders to grant the extension . Brussels fears that if an extension is not granted the UK could leave the EU without any deal that could create chaos in both the EU and UK. Following Johnson’s decision to pause the process of ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, and in order to avoid a no-deal, Tusk said he will recommend to the EU leaders to accept the UK request for an extension.

Analysts opine that some kind of extension appears inevitable, although some EU member states like France are keen to get over Brexit as soon as possible and may be weary of another extension.

French President Emmanuel “Macron’s impatience with London is spreading to his fellow leaders. … There’s a point where infinite delays will be deemed costlier than no deal” commented the daily Irish Examiner.

President of the European Parliament David Sassoli has also expressed his support to the UK extension request.

“I think it is advisable, as requested by President Donald Tusk, that the European Council should accept this extension till 31 January, ” he said in a statement.

The EU member states should now keep calm and agree to the request for an extension, advised the German website “The European Union should remember that it is in its own interest to avoid a disorderly withdrawal of the second-largest European economy. The no vote of a single member state would be enough to torpedo a further postponement and thus potentially possibly trigger an economic crash, a no-deal Brexit on October 31” it warned.

“And Johnson could then say that the EU, along with the British parliament, has plunged the country into an economic abyss. That should not happen” stressed Tageschau.

Source: Kuwait News Agency