Status quo in Venezuela not an option – ICG

BRUSSELS, The European Union-backed International Contact Group on Venezuela (ICG) Friday, lamented that there are no signs of a serious political process towards a peaceful and democratic way out of the crisis in Venezuela, and underlined that the “status quo” is not an option.

“Systemic crisis will not be solved without democratic elections, respect of the National Assembly’s rights, and a return to an independent system of checks and balances,” ICG said in a statement.

“Alternative routes such as the ‘national table’ including some minority political forces, or the recourse to non-political means either to stay in power or achieve a change of power, will not deliver the sustainable solutions,” it warned.

The ICG said it would also continue actively promoting the building of an international coalition around a negotiated electoral path, while underlining that the solution to the country’s plight needs “to be Venezuelan and Venezuelan only.” “The international community has the duty to accompany and support solutions that should emerge from a serious negotiation process, backed by the democratically elected National Assembly,” it stressed.

The ICG formed last January includes about a dozen European and Latin American countries as well as international governmental organizations. Its aim is to mobilize the international community in finding a peaceful and political solution to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.

Source: Kuwait News Agency