Stoltenberg: European, Canadian military NATO expenditure at USD 400 bln 2024

LONDON, The military expenditure of Canada and European countries in NATO will reach USD 400 billion by 2024, Secretary General of NATO Jen Stoltenberg said Wednesday.

In a press conference after the release of the London Declaration, Stoltenberg indicated that NATO had spent around USD 130 billion since 2014 in individual and group defense contribution to the budget, displaying utter commitment to the protection of state members.

The summit had succeeded in reaching an agreement to boost NATO forces to better met challenges whether in the region or elsewhere, said the Secretary General, adding that member states agreed to confront terrorist organizations such as the so-called Islamic State (IS) and also help countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan to face terrorism.

Stoltenberg added that the summit touched on utilizing 5G technology to develop the organization’s defense and security capabilities. He noted that the Russian and Chinese military might an arsenals were also discussed during the event.

Source: Kuwait News Agency