Sudan incidents reflect people’s will — Envoy

NEW YORK, Sudan’s deputy permanent representative to the UN Yasser Abdulsalam stressed on Friday that what is going in his country is an internal affairs and goes purely in harmony with Sudanese will.

During a UN Security Council session previously scheduled on extending the UN mission in Sudan’s Abyei, Abdulsalam said that the critical condition Sudan is going through should be taken into consideration as it threatens the country’s stability.

He spoke about developments and demonstrations in Sudan as well as the formation of a transitional military council.

In his speech, Abdulsalam said that these developments led to some decisions taken by the transitional military council that toppled the president, suspended the constitution, dissolved the National Assembly and the Council of States, the central government and state governments as well as declared a state of emergency for three months.

These measures came in response to demands of Sudanese people who expressed their aspirations and views in line with their history and heritage, he added.

The council stressed its commitment to all regional and international charters, agreements and conventions, he stated.

The council was formed in line with the Sudanese people’s desire to make changes as well as protect lives, properties and resources of the country, he pointed out.

Abdulsalam denied that the council came to rule, saying it will be the only sponsor of the civil government, which will be formed upon consultations with all political powers and stakeholders.

He refuted the exclusion of any one from the political process, including the armed movements, underlining the need to take the critical circumstance in the country into account.

He called on the international community’s partners to support the peaceful transition of power in a way that enhances gains of Sudanese, establishes stability, development and prosperity as well as avoids the country violence.

Source: Kuwait News Agency