Sudanese delegation to US to discuss terrorist list – military chief

KHARTOUM, Chairman of Sudan’s Military Council Abdulfattah Al-Burhan said Sunday a delegation would visit the US soon to discuss lifting Khartoum’s name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

The delegation has been formed and will trave to Washington this week or next to discuss lifting Sudan’s name from that list, Al-Burhan said in an interview with state TV.

He meanwhile said the political forces submitted more than 100 proposals for the military council, and they would be discussed by the political committee.

Al-Burhan said military intelligence seized USD 351,000, seven million euros and five million Sudanese pounds at Omar Al-Bashir’s residence. The money were transferred to the central bank.

He said all former officials were banned from traveling and their bank accounts and assets were frozen, and would stand trial.

The Sudanese army removed Al-Bashir from office on April 11 following protests that broke out on December 19.

Protesters said they would not leave until the military council handed over the authority to a civilian government before holding elections.

Source: Kuwait News Agency