Sudanese military council, opposition agree on transitional phase

KHARTOUM, Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition Freedom and Change Declaration agreed Monday on framework of the ruling system throughout the transitional period, council’s spokesman announced.

Shamsuddin Kabbashi told a news conference the two sides reached an agreement on the “structure of the transitional authority” and power sharing would be discussed on Tuesday.

“We have discussed the structure of the transitional authority and approve them. We also agreed on the ruling system during the transitional period,” he said.

Taha Is-haq, spokesman of the declaration, described the meeting with the military council as “productive.” The Freedom and Change Declaration, which is leading the protests, wanted the transition to be led by a civilian authority, elimination of corruption and improving the economic conditions.

The Sudanese Army removed former President Omar Al-Bashir on April 11 at the peak of protests that broke out on December 19.

Opposition said they would not stop protesting until the military council handed over the authority to a civilian entity before holding electinos.

Source: Kuwait News Agency