Sudanese opposition asks involvement in presidential council

KHARTOUM, Sudanese opposition forces said Saturday they informed chairman of the Military Council Abdulfatah Al-Burhan civilians should take part in the transitional presidential council, as well as need of forming a civilian government with full executive powers.

The opposition announcement was made by Omar Al-Duqair, head of Sudan’s Congress Party, before the sit-in organized by the opposition parties following their meeting with Al-Burhan.

He said they were waiting for Al-Burhan to fulfill his promises and to release all protesters, revoke anti-freedom laws, restructure the security appartus, and conduct fair trials for all people involved in corruption and murder of people.

Al-Burhan vowed earlier today to remove all officials of the former ruling regime, meet demands of protesters and punish those involved in the killing of innocent people or the corrupt.

He said the Military Council was committed to a transitional period of two years maximum, which would be followed by a civilian rule.

He said the Military Council wanted to restore order and rule of law, and to create suitable political atmosphere.

Al-Burhan cancelled the curfew, ordered release of all protesters and said he would punish people implicated with killing of civilian protesters.

Defense Minister Awadh bin Awf stepped down yesterday as chairman of the Military Council and named Al-Burhan as his successor.

On Thursday, Sudan’s military deposed President Omar Al-Bashir, who has ruled Sudan since 1989, following months of popular protests against his rule.

Source: Kuwait News Agency