Syrian opposition coalition calls for int’l action against regime

ISTANBUL, A day after the chemical attack on city of Douma, a Syrian opposition coalition urged the international community to bring embattled President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime to accountability.

In a statement to the Turkish Anadolu News Agency, President of the Istanbul-based Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SMDK) Abdulrahman Mustafa demanded the international to take lasting and deterring measures against the regime for the repeated violation of the UN resolutions especially No. 2118 on the use of chemical weapons.

He called for opening an international investigation into Douma chemical attack to identify perpetrators and refer them to the International Criminal Court.

Mustafa said that the coalition suggested taking a series of actions including restoring to actions not mandated by the UN Security Council.

He urged the Arab League and the European Union to take ethical and political stances in response to the crime against civilians in Douma.

Rescue workers and medics reported that a suspected regime chemical attack on Douma Saturday had left over 70 civilians, including children, women and entire families, killed and over a hundred others suffering suffocation and difficulty to breathe. An accusation categorically dismissed by the Syrian government and its allies. (

Source: Kuwait News Agency