Taif Rose Farms Bloom with over 550 Million Roses Annually

Taif, The scenic slopes of Taif come alive with the fragrant beauty of over 550 million roses produced annually in the over 900 farms spread across Al-Hada, Al-Shafa, Wadi Muharram, Al-Wahat, and Al-Wahit.

Farmers here cultivate roughly 1.14 million rose shrubs on 270 hectares of land. The rose season flourishes from the beginning of March to the end of April.

Taif’s rose industry extends beyond the captivating blooms. More than 70 rose production and distillation factories and laboratories extract valuable products from these roses. These efforts have yielded a remarkable economic and cultural impact. An estimated 80 rose-derived products are available, and the industry has attracted over SAR64 million worth of investments in the Saudi market.

A Record-Breaking Rose Basket:

Taif’s dedication to rose cultivation has garnered international recognition. The city holds the Guinness World Record for the largest basket of roses, a staggering 84,450 blooms.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (M
EWA) actively supports rose growers in the region. Director of MEWA’s Makkah Region branch Majid Al-Khalif highlighted the importance of agricultural festivals in showcasing regional strengths and fostering collaboration among farmers across governorates. He commended the successful collaboration with local authorities in organizing events like the rose festival, which attracts tourists eager to learn about rose cultivation, distillation processes, and related activities.

MEWA’s Taif Governorate branch Director Eng. Hani Al-Qadi highlighted the participation of over 60 farmers and families working in the cottage industry in the rose festival, which started on April 17 and lasts for five days, and which provides a platform for farmers to showcase their products and exchange knowledge.

Al-Qadi further spoke about the “Reef Saudi” program, a ministry initiative supporting the development of the rose agriculture and trade sector in Makkah Region, which focuses on increasing productivity, diversifying agricultur
al production, and promoting sustainable resource management.

MEWA also established a dedicated unit for Taif roses and approved the use of tissue culture propagation techniques for seedlings. A cooperative association has also been established to contribute to the sector’s development.

MEWA is committed to helping rose growers share knowledge and build capacity. It recently facilitated a visit to Bulgaria for a group of distinguished Taif rose farmers. This exchange program, organized within the framework of Saudi-Bulgarian cooperation in rose cultivation, aims to promote the exchange of expertise, enhance farmers’ capabilities, and explore new avenues in rose cultivation, distillation, and applications in medicine and cosmetics.

Taif’s flourishing rose industry not only produces breathtaking blooms but also fuels economic activity, cultural heritage, and innovation.

With continued support from MEWA, the future of Taif’s roses appears even brighter.

Source: Saudi Press Agency