The Council of Ministers holds its twentieth regular session, headed by Al-Sudani, and takes several decisions

Baghdad, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired today, Tuesday, the twentieth regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which the general situation in the country was discussed, and a number of vital files included in the government’s program were discussed, in addition to considering the topics on the agenda and making necessary decisions regarding it.

The Prime Minister directed that an extraordinary session of the Council be held next Sunday, May 19, to discuss the federal budget schedules for 2024.

He also directed the formation of a committee headed by a representative of the Ministry of Planning and membership of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Council of Advisors, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and the Federal Public Service Council, which will re-examine (the draft Public Service Institute Law) and submit its recommendations within one working month to the Council of Ministers to take the appropriate decision.

The Council of Ministers continu
ed to discuss other topics on its agenda. In appreciation of the great sacrifices made by members of the Popular Mobilization Forces in defending Iraq against terrorist gangs, along with the rest of our security forces, the Council voted on the draft service and retirement law for the Mujahideen of the Popular Mobilization Authority, which was reviewed by the Council of State and referred to the House of Representatives, based on the provisions of the Constitution, taking into account the observations of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, after an extensive discussion in the presence of the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority and officials of the Authority, who were hosted in the Council of Ministers.

Based on the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, issued in February 2023, the Council of Ministers approved proceeding with the procedures for evacuating and opening the military zone (known as the Fifth Division) in the city of Kadhimiya, and
converting its land into recreational, educational and cultural facilities, hotels, hospitals, health and medical centers, sports stadiums, and a center for civil defense, and cities for visitors, according to an integrated architectural vision, a special conference will be held on this subject, and specialized international companies will be approved to implement these vital and important projects, which will serve the city’s people and visitors.

As part of implementing the government’s approach, which aims to restart lagging projects and address the problems and obstacles they face, the Council approved a number of decisions regarding them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency