Tillerson orders new probe into attacks on US personnel in Cuba

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will launch a new investigation into the mysterious attacks against US embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, according to the State Department. Tillerson will convene a special panel to evaluate the cases of 24 diplomats and family members hit with an attack that left them with mild traumatic brain injury, said Francisco Palmieri, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

The new investigation by the Accountability Review Board comes while the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the incidents, which occurred in August. Despite the lengthy investigation and FBI visits to the island state, the US still cannot identify either a culprit or a device, the State Department said.

The Cuban government has denied any role in the incidents.

Meanwhile, Tillerson has defended his decision to withdraw US personnel and their families from Cuba, saying that they will not return until the Cuban government assures their safety

Source: Kuwait News Agency