Trump accuses Pelosi of attempting to destroy GOB

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump traded accusations with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelsoi, saying, “Nervous Pelosi is doing everything possible to destroy the Republican Party” ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.

“Our Polls show that it is going to be just the opposite. The Do Nothing Dems will lose many seats in 2020. They have a Death Wish, led by a corrupt politician, Adam Schiff,” he wrote in a tweet on Tuesday.

“How many more Never Trumpers will be allowed to testify about a perfectly appropriate phone call when all anyone has to do is READ THE TRANSCRIPT.

“I knew people were listening in on the call (why would I say something inappropriate?), which was fine with me, but why so many?,” he added Yesterday Pelsoi disclosed plans for House voting on a bill to formalize the procedures to impeach Trump over the claims that he applied pressures on Ukrainian government to investigate the former Vice President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son.

Responding to Trump’s comments, Pelosi said, “Everybody has read your words on the call.” “The Ukrainian President asks for military aid to fend off the Russian attack, you say ‘I want you to do us a favor though,’ and then you spend the rest of the call asking for bogus investigations to smear your political opponents,” she added on her Twitters account.

Source: Kuwait News Agency