Trump believes he has power to fire Mueller — White House

WASHINGTON, April 10 (KUNA) — In the wake of a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the offices of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, White House press secretary said that Trump certainly believes he has the power to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He “certainly believes he has the power to do so,” Sarah Sanders said in response to a question during a press briefing on Tuesday.

Asked about Trump’s remarks Monday that the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office amounted to “an attack on our country,” Sanders said, “I think that the President has been clear that he thinks this has gone too far.” Mueller and his team of investigators are focusing primarily on whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians during the 2016 US presidential election.

However, the probe has also branched into other areas involving potential money laundering issues and whether Trump may have committed obstruction of justice by trying to thwart the probe.

Last year, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from participating in any aspect of the Russia investigation after it was revealed that Sessions had conversations with Russians in 2016. The US Justice Department oversight of the Russia probe then fell to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was reported to have approved the FBI raid of Cohen’s office in New York.

Trump has repeatedly derided the investigation as a “witch hunt.” Asked how Trump can describe the raid on Cohen’s office, which was done after the FBI received judicial approval and a search warrant, as a witch hunt — since Rosenstein was appointed to his post by Trump — Sanders said she was “not aware of what the process is and who signs off on those specific types of things.” “The President certainly has been very clear about what his position is when it comes to matters of collusion (with Russia), and that is what his reference is,” she said. “He thinks this entire thing is a witch hunt.

Source: Kuwait News Agency