Trump “disappointed” if N. Korea tests rockets – US official

WASHINGTON, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Sunday that President Donald Trump would be “pretty disappointed” if North Korea carries out another missile test.

“As the president said, he would be pretty disappointed if Kim Jong-un went ahead and did something like that,” Bolton told ABC Network.

“The president said repeatedly that he feels the absence of nuclear test, the absence of ballistic missile launches is a positive sign,” he added.

Bolton also affirmed that Trump “is not under pressure to make any deal. He wants to make the right deal and he described it to Kim Jong-un at the Hanoi meeting.” On satellite images that show activity at a North Korean site, Bolton noted there are several activities all the time in North Korea, but “I’m not going to speculate on what that particular commercial satellite picture shows.” On whether a missile launch would scuttle negotiations, he replied “I would rather not speculate on that either,” reaffirming that Trump is “confident in his personal relationship with Kim Jong-un, he’s invested a lot of time in trying to develop that relationship.” He noted that Trump has said “he’s open to a third summit, none has been scheduled, and sometime they have to go by.

“He’s prepared to engage again because he does think that the prospects for North Korea, which he’s been trying to persuade Kim Jong-un to accept if they denuclearized, are really quite spectacular,” Bolton remarked.

Source: Kuwait News Agency