Trump says Iran should not profit from US exit from Syria

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he “would love to get out” of Syria but Iran should be prevented from profiting off success against so-called Islamic State (IS).

“We’re going to be coming home relatively soon. We finished at least almost our work with respect to (IS) in Syria, (IS) in Iraq,” Trump told reporters during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

He called on regional countries to prevent Iran from profiting off success against IS in Syria and Iraq.

Trump said he wanted US forces to return home but after leaving “a strong and lasting footprint” in Syria.

For his part, Macron said “in the long run, we can find a solution to the Syrian situation.” “In the long run, we need to win peace, and make sure that Syria does not fall into any hegemony in the region,” he added.

He affirmed “we will continue to work to that effect within the UN Security Council to make sure that humanitarian law, the prohibition law of chemical weapons are fully complied with, and we will continue to shoulder our responsibilities to that effect.

“But we will also work with all partners in building a sustainable political solution, an inclusive one that will prevent any hegemony, and once again, will prevent feeding terrorism in the future,” he remarked.

Source: Kuwait News Agency