Trump says US “respected” globally, no more talk about Iran “taking over the Middle East”

President Donald Trump on Friday said the US is “respected around the world” since he became president, and singled out Iran as an example.

“You take a look at Iran, they’re not talking about Iran taking over the Middle East,” Trump said during an unscheduled press conference outside the White House.

“I took that crazy deal, that (President Barack) Obama gave them, away. Iran’s not looking to the Mediterranean anymore. You know they had to go through a lot of territory to get there.” Trump was referring to the 2015 international agreement with Iran aimed at limiting its path to acquiring nuclear weapons.

“They’re looking to survive, but I will tell you, some day soon they’re going to come back, and they’re going to want to negotiate a deal, and we’ll make a deal,” Trump said of Iran’s leaders. “But they were nasty, they were very, very nasty, and it had to be stopped. I took away the deal, and I think they’ve been treating America with much more respect, and I have to say you don’t see the little boats circling our boats anymore, do you notice that?”

Source: Kuwait News Agency