Trump to nominate Kelly Currie Amb. at Large for Global Women’s Issues

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump on Friday announced nominating Kelley Currie as Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues.

Trump also said he would nominate Currie to be the US Representative on the Commission on the Status of Women in the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

Currie is a lawyer and US Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council. Meanwhile, the State Department observed the International Women’s Day and extended “gratitude to the diverse women and girls around the globe who have made vast contributions in lifting up those facing challenges and hardship and put their own communities and countries on a path to greater progress.” It affirmed in a statement that “barriers to the equal status of women still persist.” “We strive for a world in which women and girls are free to realize their full potential and live in dignity along with their families, communities, and countries,” it added.

“Courageous women inspire a better world and are essential to building peace, prosperity, and security for all,” it added. The State Department hosted on Thursday the annual International Women of Courage (IWOC) Awards Ceremony during which women from ten countries were honored in the presence of First US Lady Milania Trump.

Source: Kuwait News Agency