Tunisia presidential hopeful released from jail

TUNIS, Tunisia’s Court of Cassation ruled Wednesday that Nabil Karoui, a jailed media magnate and presidential candidate of Heart of Tunisia party, be release from jail immediately. Announcing the decision, Karoui’s lawyer Bashir Al-Farshishi, said, “The Court of Cassation upheld a new appeal filed by the defense lawyers and overruled an earlier ruling by the Court of Appeal’s Indictment Chamber’s October 1 that put my client in custody.” Al-Farshishi thanked the judiciary authority for responding positively to the new appeal that focused on the unlawfulness of the arrest procedures.

Karoui, the owner of Nessma TV channel, was arrested on August 23 on a charge of tax evasion and money laundering filed against him by I Watch – a non-government organization.

He proceeded to the presidential election runoff in the mid-September polls after winning 15.6 percent of the votes. He is scheduled to face Kais Saied, one of Tunisia’s most notable professors of constitutional law, in the runoff this Sunday.

Source: Kuwait News Agency