Tunisian presidential candidates wrap up campaigns

TUNIS, Candidates for Tunisian Presidential elections met with their voters at Habib Bourguiba st. in the final day of their campaigns on Friday, while media reported withdrawal of some candidates.

Abdulfatah Muro, Al-Nahdha movement candidate, vowed to represent all Tunisiais if he became president, and would boost national unity and attempt to encourage Libyan parties sit on negotiations’ table.

Popular Front candidate Munji Rahaoui warned against re-electing the same people who failed to deliver on their promises.

Candidate of Vive La Tunisie party Yusuf Chahed pledged to jump-start national economy if he was elected for the five-year term.

Meanwhile, local media said Mohsen Marzouq pulled out from the race in favor of Abdulkarim Zubaidi, who was running as independent candidate.

There were reports that other candidates would withdraw from the race in favor of Zubaidi who was supported by the so-called “moderate and democratic family” that was trying to rally as much support for Zuabidi as possible.

Voting started for Tunisians living abroad on Friday while Sunday would be for people inside the nation.

The higher electoral authority said 340 voting centers were opened abroad for 378,000 eligible voters.

Source: Kuwait News Agency