Turkey criticizes Holland’s failure to receive IS nat’ls

ANKARA, Turkey Thursday criticized Netherlands’ failure to accept Dutch nationals who were members of so-called Islamic State (IS) after Ankara deported them to their country two days ago.

“In order to reach a permanent solution, those people should not be stripped of their nationalities but brought back to their countries, try them and rehabilitate them,” foreign ministry spokesman Hami Askoy said in a statement.

Aksoy called on countries to show responsibility towards their nationals who fought with IS.

Turkey has coordinated with the Dutch authorities regarding the deportation of two female Dutch nationals to the Netherlands, which announced the arrest of the two women.

Since November 11, Turkey deported 15 IS foreign fighters to their countries. Those included 10 Germans, two Dutch, a Dane, Brit and an American.

Many European countries are still refusing to receive their nationals who fought with IS despite Turkey’s determination to send them back to their countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency