Two martyrs in “Million man march for Jerusalem” in Gaza

Two Palestinians have fallen as martyrs in Friday’s mass demonstrations marking the 51st anniversary of the “Naksa,” or “setback,” the 5th June 1967 war, along Gaza’s demarcation lines.

Spokesman of the health ministry in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, said in a statement that the young man, Ziad Jadallah Labreem, martyred east of Khan Youness south of Gaza. Another activist, Imad Drabi, 26, was shot with the Israeli occupation troops’ gunfire east of Jibalay north of the strip.

Up to 525 Palestinians, including 26 children, have been admitted at hospitals for treatment of injuries, he said.

Among the wounded were five journalists, he said, alluding to today’s demonstrations that began immediately after the Friday prayers.

The Palestinians have been holding Friday’s demonstrations along the border lines of the strip and some areas in the West Bank, clashing with the Israeli troops and sending kites laden with inflammable substances in direction of Israeli occupied areas. Many kites have crashed into orchards in Israeli-controlled areas triggering fires

Source: Kuwait News Agency