Two terror attacks foiled in 2018 – French Interior Minister

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb on Sunday indicated that two terror attacks were averted so far in France since January, French media reported.

Speaking on “Europe 1” radio and “CNEWS” television channel, Collomb indicated that the attacks were aimed at the French military on security duty and also a second attack was planned on a major sports center.

He added that one attack was planned to take place in the South of the country and one in the West.

The attacks had not been “totally finalized”, he said to the media, before the intervention of French anti-terrorism and intelligence forces.

France is still on the highest possible security alert after 241 people were killed in a series of bombing, shooting and vehicle attacks since 2015.

Hundreds were also wounded in the attacks, many of which were claimed by so-called Islamic State.

Around 7,000 French troops have been deployed around the country to back up police and other security services. The government has passed tough anti-terrorism legislation to replace the “State of Emergency” that was in place for a two-year period because of the terrorist attacks.

Source: Kuwait News Agency