UAE to mark 48th nat’l day tomorrow

ABU DHABI, The UAE marks its 48th National Day on December 2nd, through official and popular celebrations that reflect the significance of the anniversary of the establishment of the union.

Zayed Sports City Stadium in the capital Abu Dhabi will witness the official celebration under the theme of (Legacy of our Ancestors) tomorrow.

The UAE took 2019 as a (Year of Tolerance) and translated that theme into global initiatives such as the Human Fraternity Document and the World Tolerance Summit aiming to bring peace between all religions.

On the sports level, the UAE hosted the 17th Asian Football Cup, the 15th Paralympics and the Formula 1 Etihad Airways.

During 2019, UAE National Council voted on the decision to raise the percentage of women representation in parliament to 50 percent in a precedent that is the first in the world in order to empower Emirati women in various sectors.

In the global indexes, the UAE continued to lead the Arab world and ranked first in the field of competitiveness, while reaching the 25th position in the global level.

The UAE launched four national strategies this year in the areas of soft power, the fourth industrial revolution, higher education and water security.

On the economic field, the UAE has maintained a balanced growth this year despite many challenges and economic changes globally. The UAE Ministry of Economy said in a report that the country’s GDP would rise by the end of 2019, up to USD 16 billion from last year.

Source: Kuwait News Agency