UK: 215 deaths, almost 10,000 COVID-19 cases

UK on Sunday recorded 215 deaths related to COVID-19 in recent 24-hours putting the total at 120,580 deaths.

A press statement by UK’s Health Ministry said 9,834 new cases of the virus have been recorded, confirming that the total number of cases recorded is 4,115,000.

Additionally, the Ministry also mentioned the increase in its COVID-19 administering process, with 17,582,000 first stage vaccination and 615,000 who have gone through the second stage of the process.

Last week, the British government imposed a set of restrictions related to the entry of citizens and expatriates entering the country as a way to block the new form of the virus from spreading.

The restrictions include all individuals returning from locations listed under the red category to pay GBP 1,750 (USD 2,410) and a mandatory 10 days isolation period in designated hotels.

The locations under the RED category tally include 33 countries, mostly from South America and Africa including Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, South Africa, Mali, Mozambique, and Botswana, as well as Portugal the only European state and the UAE from Arabia.

UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to announce on Monday his government’s strategies to implement a general shutdown through a linear process which should help go about setting schools in motion by March 8.

Source: Kuwait News Agency