UK PM affirms readiness to begin with Brexit measures

LONDON, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday affirmed his government readiness to start the Brexit measures before the deadline of January 31.

The time for disputes, as the country has witnessed over the past years, is over, said Johnson during the Brexit deal debate in the House of Commons.

Johnson noted that he had attached with the Brexit bill a draft law that would impose on his government, if approved, to end the FTA talks with the European Union by the end of next year and not to extend the transitional period beyond December 31, 2020.

The transitional period begins as soon as the official exit from the European Union at the end of next month to be followed by free trade talks, as Britain will remain implicit in the EU until the signing of the agreement no later than December 2020.

Johnson justified the bill proposal by keen not to repeat the experience of postponing the Brexit date on three consecutive occasions starting from March 29 to April 12 and then to October 31 before extending it to January 31.

It is expected that the debate over the Brexit bill will extend to three other sessions on the seventh, eighth and ninth of January next, with the possibility of introducing some amendments before passing the final version of the House of Lords (the upper chamber of Parliament).

Source: Kuwait News Agency