UK PM: IS remains a threat

BRUSSELS– UK Prime Minister Theresa May said she is in Brussels on Thursday to talk with friends and allies about the threats and challenges, not least issues around security.

“Those range from Daesh (so-called Islamic State group), although we had military success against Daesh in Iraq, it is still a threat,” she told reporters ahead of an EU summit.

May said she will also discuss “the ongoing and frankly unacceptable efforts by Russia to discord through misinformation.” May said she also be talking “about Brexit and the ambitious, deep and special partnership that I want to build with the EU for the future.” “I am disappointed with the amendment that came out of the vote yesterday in the House of Common, but the EU withdraw bill is making good progress through the House of Commons and we are on course to deliver on Brexit,” she added.

On her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was progress on Brexit negotiations “but many questions remain open.” She welcomed the step taken by the UK to resolve the exit question, and added that there are good chances that phase two on Brexit talks can now begin.

On his part, Dutch Prime Ministers Mark Rutte said the defeat in Westminster vote yesterday “is just part of politics and I still think she has a formidable stature here and we should not underestimate Theresa May, she is a formidable politician.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency