UK should consider defense spending boost after Brexit – UK Foreign Secretary

LONDON, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday that his country should consider “decisively” increasing defense spending after Brexit.

Hunt made his remarks at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London, attended by Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Khalid Al-Duwaisan.

“The UK will need to double defense spending over the next decade, revive its frayed democracy and become an incubator of artificial intelligence-related technologies if the country is to renew after Brexit”, he said.

He said that in that context, “it is simply not sustainable to expect one Nato ally to spend nearly 4% of its GDP on defense while the others spend between 1 and 2%”.

“I believe it is time for the next strategic defense and security review to ask whether, over the coming decade, we should decisively increase the proportion of GDP we devote to defense,” Hunt said.

“Any additional funds would of course need to be for new capabilities and not simply plugging gaps in existing plans.”, he noted.

He also argued that a failure to leave the EU cleanly and properly would represent a failure by the British establishment to meet the test set when people voted to leave the EU in 2016.

For his part, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Khalid Al-Duwaisan stressed in a similar speech the importance of supporting all international efforts in promoting tolerance, understanding and addressing violence in all its forms.

Al-Duwaisan expressed his concern about the spread of hate speech, terrorism, extremism and violence in societies, stressing the need to stand united against such criminal acts.

Al-Duwaisan said that UK has great responsibility in protecting world peace and security, and to take the initiative to fight Islamophobia and to confront all the causes of violence.

Source: Kuwait News Agency