UK’s Brexit crisis escalates after vote on delay

LONDON, Members of the UK’s House of Commons, the lower house of the Parliament, voted on amendment demanding the government to postpone the Brexit date for the third time.

The vote was suggested by MP Oliver Letwin, who lost was ousted from the Conservative Party, further escalating the constitutional crisis in the country.

According to legislation passed last month, if a deal was not approved by 11:00 pm October 19, Johnson would be required to formally seek a three-month extension beyond the October 31 deadline.

The Brexit crisis escalated as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not negotiate with the European Union (EU) leader to postpone the exit process. However, he agreed on seeking an extension period from the EU to avoid violating the approved legislation, and he also sent another letter to express objection on the postponement.

Last Thursday, Boris Johnson achieved what was thought a revised Brexit deal with the EU, but it has to be approved by the parliament.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal was voted down three times, ending her term as Prime Minister.

Source: Kuwait News Agency