UN charter needs regular revision – Haley

The United States Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stressed Wednesday on the need to regularly revise the UN Charter to improve the UNSC performance on key issues.

The remarks were made during the UNSC’s session on the goals and principles of the UN Charter to protect international peace and security late Wednesday. The session was called for by Kuwait as part of its chairmanship of the council for February.

She added that achieving international peace and security depends widely on creating equality among all humans and grant all nations the right to determine their fate. On his part, Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the UN Security Council (UNSC) must exert further efforts to protect international peace and security amid growing challenges.

He noted that the UNSC is in need of reforms to allow a more flexible decision making on important matters related to terrorism, extremism, nuclear weapons and climate change.

Source: Kuwait News Agency