UN has peace roadmap for Yemen, parties commitment missing — UN Envoy

Outgoing UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmad stated Tuesday that the UN has a roadmap for ending the civil conflict in Yemen, but the warring parties are not showing required commitment to implement it.

“We do have a peace roadmap for Yemen. The practical suggestions to launch it and build confidence among the parties have been agreed upon,” Ahmed said in his last briefing to the UN Security Council before the end of his mandate.

“The only part missing is the commitment of parties to make concessions and give priority to the national interest. This is what makes us doubtful of their real intention to end this war.” He unveiled that a solid foundation for an agreement had been laid through the endorsement of the general framework in Biel in 2015 and the discussions that took place in Kuwait in 2016.

“Today, I would like to announce, for the first time, that we were about to reach agreement on a peace proposal, developed in consultation with the parties, but they refused to sign in the last minute.” “In the end of the consultations, it became clear that the Houthis were not prepared to make concessions on the proposed security arrangements. This has been a major stumbling block towards reaching a negotiated solution.

He accused local politicians of seeking to prolong the conflict for personal gains.

“We see daily reports about civilians dying of poverty, hunger or illness but we should not forget that many politicians from all sides are profiting from this conflict, from trading of arms and exploiting public properties for personal purposes.

In their speeches, these politicians will stir up strife to deepen the rift in the Yemeni society and at other times, they declare pro-peace positions, while in private circles, they look indifferent to the suffering of their people. Whoever wants peace creates solutions, not excuses,” he said.

Ahmad called on warring parties to turn the page of this appalling war in the history of Yemen.

“The United Nations is facilitating the path for peace and the international community is creating a favorable environment for it.” In this regard, he wished the new Envoy Mr. Martin Griffiths, every success in his efforts.

“I have no doubt will benefit from his wide-ranging experience in diplomacy. I hope that this roadmap will constitute a cornerstone to move forward and activate the peace process.

He, however, stressed that the onus of ending this conflicts is on Yemenis alone.

“Only the Yemeni decision-makers are able to stop the war and the bloodshed, and I repeat only the Yemeni decision-makers are able to stop the war and the bloodshed,” he said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency