UN Human Rights Council laments “unpunished” Yemen war crimes

GENEVA, The United Nations Human Rights Council said on Tuesday that it was dismayed to learn that perpetrators of grave human rights violations in Yemen have managed to evade justice.

The conflict in Yemen bore witness to gruesome killings, systematic torture and sexual violence, a group of experts were cited as saying in a UN report over the civil war in Yemen.

The UN experts called for an immediate halt to violence in Yemen, which is necessary to ensure the protection of civilians and justice to the victims of the conflict.

“It is incumbent upon the international community to put an end to the misery the Yemeni people have had to endure,” the report emphasized, revealing that the UN has recieved hundreds of first-hand testimonies from victims of the harrowing war.

The report underlined the “urgent priority” of delivering aid to 24 million people who continue to walk the thin line between life and death, urging global bodies and the UN’s special envoy for Yemen to work towards a political solution to the conflict.

The UN Human Rights Council has put together a team of experts tasked with assessing the humanitarian situation in Yemen, compiling in-depth reports over the matter.

Source: Kuwait News Agency