UN Secretary General terms Korean Peninsula situation “tense, dangerous”

NEW YORK– UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Friday the situation in the Korean Peninsula was “tense and dangerous” for the international peace and security.

Guterres, addressing a UN Security Council’s (UNSC) Ministerial session on North Korea, said he was worried over possibility of a military confrontation with Pyongyang.

North Korea, he added, was the only countries violating the international standards on nuclear tests.

Guterres, who said North Korea conducted activites related to its nuclear and ballistic programs, called on leaders of Pyongyang to abide by the UNSC resolutions and resume dialogue over nuclear disarmament.

He said resuming contacts between North and South Korea was essential to defuse tension in the region.

He said the unity of the UNSC members was key to nuclear disarmament.

UN Undersecretary General for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman visited North Korea earlier this month to try to defuse tension in the Peninsula.

Guterres also called for addressing the humanitarian needs in North Korea, where 70 percent of population suffered from lack of food security and 40 percent of malnutrition.

Source: Kuwait News Agency