UNSC extends mandate of AU-UN mission in Darfur

NEW YORK, The UN Security Council has extended the mandate of the African Union-United Nations Operation in Darfur for one year.

“Welcoming the political transition and the launch of a countrywide peace process in Sudan, the Security Council today decided to extend the mandate of the African Union?United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) by one year, until 31 October 2020,” the UNSC said in statement after unanimously adopting resolution 2495 (2019). It pointed out the 15-member body decided that the mission will maintain its current troop and police level until 31 March 2020, keeping all team sites other than the sector headquarters in South Darfur, with drawdown plans following that date to be decided upon.

The council decided that priorities of the extended mandate will include support to the peace process and peacebuilding activities.

“The mission will also focus on protection of civilians, facilitation of humanitarian assistance, monitoring of human rights – particularly gender-based violence and abuse of children – and support for the voluntary, dignified and sustainable return of displaced persons.” The council also urged the government of Sudan to abide by its commitment to use all handed?over UNAMID team sites exclusively for civilian purposes.

Welcoming the launch of peace negotiations on 14 October with the support of South Sudan, the council called upon the government of Sudan, Darfur armed movements and all other stakeholders to meaningfully participate and demonstrate progress in advancing the negotiations with the goal of creating a fair and comprehensive peace, enabling UNAMID to fully draw down.

Source: Kuwait News Agency