Upcoming China-GCC forum will be crucial for enhancing cooperation — ambassador

The forthcoming China-GCC forum will be a crucial event for moving forward mutual cooperation between Beijing and the Arabian Gulf states, said the State of Kuwait Ambassador to China Jassem Al-Najem.

Al-Najem, in a statement to KUNA on Wednesday, said the China-GCC Forum for Investment and Industry, due to kick off on Thursday in the city of Chai Min, would involve Kuwait’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of State for Communication Affairs Omar Al-Omar.

The forum will substantially boost efforts for bolstering the GCC-China cooperation at the industrial and investment levels, the ambassador said.

Moreover, it will be in line with the initiative declared by the Chinese President Xi Jinping during the Gulf-China Summit, held in December 2023, that essentially called for boosting economic and business cooperation between the two parties.

Ambassador Al-Najem affirmed keenness of the State of Kuwait and the other GCC member countries to engage in the upcoming event for enhancing the strategic part
nership with China.

GCC countries’ ministers of finance, commerce and economy are scheduled to partake in the forum, signaling yet another step forward on the path of the developing relations between the two sides.

The GCC, established in the early 80s of the past century, comprises Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. The bloc was set up to enhance regional cooperation at diverse levels.

Source: Kuwait News Agency