US “alarmed” by Houthi missile attack on Turkish merchant ship

WASHINGTON, The United States on Friday said a Houthi missile attack on Turkish merchant ship off the coast of Yemen proves missile proliferation “is a real threat to all countries.” The US expressed alarm by the missile strike on May 10 against a Turkish flagged Ince Inebolu bulk carrier ship carrying 50,000 metric tons of Russian wheat bound for Yemen’s Saleef port near Hudaydah. “This proves yet again that missile proliferation in Yemen is a real threat to all countries and underscores the need to fully enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216,” according to the White House. Houthis also reportedly attempted another attack against an oil tanker in the Red Sea, which the White House said “further reflects the Houthis’ disregard for the Yemeni people.” The US also blasted Iran’s role in worsening the conflict in Yemen, saying, “We deplore the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ diversion of the Iranian people’s wealth to exacerbate conflicts in other countries and threaten international commerce. Areas under the Houthi control are suffering.

Source: Kuwait News Agency