US Ambassador to Kuwait glorifies Kuwaiti resistance fighters’ martyrdom

– Al-Qurain Martyrs Museum bears testimony of the Kuwaiti resistance fighters’ courage during the 1990-1991 Iraqi occupation of the country, said the US Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Alina Romanowski.

Liberation is a significant part of the two countries’ history, said the ambassador, re-affirming Washington’s commitment to safeguard Kuwait’s security, also noting that Washington has now remained as adamant to protect Kuwait as it was 30 years ago.

Romanowski was speaking on sidelines of her visit to the museum. She was accompanied by Secretary General of the National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters Kamel Al Abduljelil and his assistant Dr. Tahani Al-Adwani.

The visit was part of a package of activities organized by the US embassy marking the 30th anniversary of liberating Kuwait.

The envoy was recalling the heroic stance of a group of Kuwaiti resistance fighters who bravely battled a large number of Iraqi occupation troops that surrounded their hideout in the district of Al-Qurain, 20 kilometers south of the capital, Kuwait City.

This landmark testifies to the patriotism and will of the Kuwaiti people that rose up to the challenge, resisted injustice for sake of liberating the homeland of the blatant Iraqi aggression, Al Abduljelil for his turn stated.

He paid tribute to the martyrs who had fallen for sake of keeping the homeland, lauding the brave stance of the United States that led the resistance.

Al Abduljelil and Romanowski toured sections of the museum. They were briefed by the museums’ curator Salman Boland, who noted that a number of the resistance had fallen as martyrs as a result of the bloody battle that erupted on February 14, 1991.

The council had transformed the bullet poked building into a museum upon orders by the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Source: Kuwait News Agency