US calls for ‘transparent’ Presidential election in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON , The United States called on Wednesday for a transparent election in Afghanistan via ensuring easy and safe access to polling stations throughout the country.

In a statement on the Afghanistan’s Upcoming Presidential Election, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Along with other international donors, we have called repeatedly for the Afghan government and electoral institutions to make preparations for a credible and transparent presidential election.

“Afghan voters who risk their lives to participate in elections deserve to know the outcome accurately reflects the voters’ choice,” said Pompeo, adding, “Coalition forces and donors who have sacrificed to give Afghans the ability to choose their leaders deserve to have this confidence as well.” “We expect Afghanistan’s institutions to take all necessary steps to ensure the election is transparent and credible to Afghan voters. We hold all candidates accountable to the code of conduct they signed. We call on all parties, including the Taliban, to ensure Afghan voters can go to polling centers on Election Day without fear of intimidation, attack, or violence. We strongly condemn the threats made today by the Taliban against election workers and voters.” “Any attempt to intimidate, coerce, or buy voters is an attack on democracy. We offer our strong support to the Afghan National Security Forces, who day-in and day-out sacrifice their lives for the cause of peace and stability,” he added.

Afghans will head to polling stations on September 28 to choose their President.

Source: Kuwait News Agency