US expects Russia to continue to bring Syrian regime to negotiating table

WASHINGTON– The US acknowledged that while Russia did help bring the Syrian regime to the Geneva process “for a time” it expects the country to continue to try to bring the regime to the table.

“I think we are still at the place where US-backed organizations and coalition-backed organizations are removing the rubble,” State Spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters.

“I’m afraid we’re just not there to the electoral process just yet, but we’re having a lot of conversations with the UN and other like-minded countries about the importance of the Geneva process.” Nauert highlighted that there still a presence of the so-called Islamic State in Syria.

“Russia may consider its job in Syria to be done. Our job in Syria is not done. And when I say ‘our,’ I don’t just mean the United States, I mean the entire coalition,” she stressed.

“If Russia chooses to pull out, certainly, that is its choice to do so, but we continue to work through all our partners to try to stabilize the country.” Nauert additionally denied any claims that the US said that President Bashar Al Assad would be in power until 2021.

Source: Kuwait News Agency