US handed evidence in tens of thousands of Iran’s “regime brutality”

With (POL-US-IRAN-SANCTIONS) WASHINGTON, The US State Department has received tens of thousands of evidence leaks, detailing Iran’s “regime brutality,” according to Secretary Mike Pompeo.

“So far, we have received more than 36,000 pieces of information and we’re working with each and every one of them,” he told an in-house forum.

“We grieve to see a callused and corrupt elite disrespect an ancient and proud people. We grieve to see the Iranian nation seep further into a put pit of poverty because of unjust rulers.” The US top diplomat added that senior officials in Tehran should honour human rights, through ensuring the freedom of faith and the right of assembly.

He also criticised Iran’s economic policies, which he deemed were “failures,” and its diplomatic relationship with its neighbours in the region, saying it was “near constant war.” The comments follow Treasury-enforced sanctions on two Iranian Revolutionary Court judges for punishments they had dealt over freedom of expression charges.

Source: Kuwait News Agency