US Nat’l Guard to deploy 1,000 of its troops in six states

WASHINGTON US National Guard to deploy 1,000 troops across six states and they are Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington state.

“By the end of the day we expect that number to approach 1,000 National Guard personnel which will provide assistance to the states,” a statement by the US National Guard stated.

The assistance includes “logistical support, disinfection, cleaning, activate, conduct transportation of medical personnel, call center support, and meal delivery.” Meanwhile, instruction to their combined 750,000 students for two weeks beginning Monday to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Superintendent Austin Beutner said.

“Our schools provide a social safety net for our children,” Beutner said in an email to parents announcing the closing.

“The closing of any school has real consequences beyond the loss of instructional time. This is not an easy decision and not one we take lightly.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency