US pres. urges UNSC to confront dangers facing world

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump on Thursday demanded the UN Security Council to act effectively to confront dangers and overcome challenges facing the world.

“Today, our nations face a range of shared security threats, including terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal migration, cyberattack, and the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons,” the US leader said at a banquet in the White House for representatives of the UNSC member states on the occasion of the US holding the presidency of the security council for this month.

“And we’re working very hard on those problems, especially the last three. There can be nothing more important.” He stressed that the UNSC must take action to confront these and other dangers facing the world.

He also called on the security council members to join the United States in its vital efforts to promote religious liberty around the globe.

“The world is more secure when people have the right to follow their convictions and to worship in peace. And we’ve been very strong on that,” he concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency