US publicly designates Zimbabwe’s state security minister

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly designated Saturday Zimbabwe’s Minister of State for National Security Owen Ncube for “his involvement in a gross violation of human rights.” “State-sanctioned violence in Zimbabwe must end now and those responsible for human rights violations must be held accountable,” Pompeo tweeted.

Meanwhile, Pompeo said in a statement that the department has “credible information” that Ncube was involved “in gross violations of human rights in his capacity as Zimbabwe’s Minister of State for National Security.” He noted, “We are deeply troubled by the Zimbabwean government’s use of state-sanctioned violence,” urging the government “to stop the violence, investigate and hold accountable officials responsible for human rights violations and abuses in Zimbabwe.” He affirmed that the US continues to “support the Zimbabwean people in need, especially through humanitarian and health assistance.” “We will continue to press the Government of Zimbabwe to implement necessary political and economic reforms to provide Zimbabwean citizens the prosperity, security, and well-being they deserve,” Pompeo stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency