US sanctions individuals, entities connected to Venezuela’s Maduro associate

WASHINGTON, The US designated Tuesday three individuals and 16 entities for their connections to Nicolas Maduro’s associate Alex Saab and his business partner Alvaro Pulido who have enabled Maduro and his “illegitimate regime to corruptly profit from imports of food aid and distribution in Venezuela.” The Department of Treasury said in a statement that the individuals designated today include Saab’s two brothers, Amir and Luis Saab, as well as Pulido’s son, Rubio.

It added that the 16 entities designated today “are owned or controlled by the aforementioned individuals or Alex Saab himself.” In this regard, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that today’s action “further degrades the ability of Saab and his associates to use Venezuela’s food subsidy program to steal from the Venezuelan people.” He added that this action “increases pressure on Saab and Pulido, who were designated on July 25, 2019, for their looting of Venezuela’s food subsidy program.

“The United States will continue to work with our democratic partners in the region and around the world to support Interim President Guaido, the democratically elected National Assembly, and the people of Venezuela as they seek to restore constitutional order and democracy to their country,” he affirmed.

For his part, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin said in a separate statement “this action increases pressure on Alex Saab and his network, which have profited off the hunger of the Venezuelan people and facilitate systemic corruption in Venezuela.

He affirmed that the Treasury “will continue to target those who corruptly profit at the expense of the Venezuelan people.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency