US Sec. of State blames Iranian leadership for economic challenges

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said Monday that the challenge that the Iranian economy current challenges is the direct result of the Iranian leadership.

In an interview with US Fox news channel, Pompeo noted that it has nothing to do with US sanctions that has been put in place.

“The Iranian leadership has failed to serve their people. It continues to fail to serve their people,” Pompeo added.

“It’s important to note, the world should know, that humanitarian assistance, medical supplies and those kinds of things are expressly permitted to go into Iran,” Pompeo said.

“Our sanctions don’t impact those items,” Pompeo said.

“And so to claim that somehow American sanctions are denying medical products for the people of Iran is foolish and it’s simply an effort to deflect from the catastrophe that the ayatollah has visited upon his own people,” Pompeo noted.

“I’ve seen numbers that vary from as few as a hundred to many times more than that who have been killed by the Iranian security forces – just simple people who wanted to go out and protest to gain their political freedom, their political rights inside of Iran,” the secretary said.

These protests are a direct result of economic collapse, the absence of political freedoms, and a regime that has sent their young boys off to fight and come back dead, and hasn’t used that money for the betterment of the Iranian people, he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency