US Senate passes USD 4.6 billion border aid bill

WASHINGTON, The US Senate passed Wednesday its own version of USD 4.6 billion emergency aid bill to address the crisis at the border with an 84-8 vote, which came after the House bill failed in the Senate 55-37.

Late Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed its version of a USD 4.5 billion emergency funding bill for border aid with a 230 to 195 vote.

US President Donald Trump told reporters earlier today that he has a “very good conversation” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “having to do with the bill, Humanitarian Aid at the Border for the children mostly. And we are moving along very well with the bipartisan bill in the Senate.” He added “I believe that House is going to also be getting together with the Senate, hopefully they can get something done. It’s humanitarian aid, it’s very important and I think that a lot of people are starting to realize that I was right when I said we have a crisis at the border.” “I think that Nancy wants to get something done and the Senate and the House will get together, I think they’ll be able to do something very good,” he remarked.

Source: Kuwait News Agency